More! B.V is certified in accordance with the NEN-EN ISO 9001 and the NEN-EN VCA**.

In addition to using sturdy and certified products, the correct implementation of infrastructural work processes is of crucial importance to a well-functioning collection system. MORE! BV has the appropriate experience and years of experience at its disposal. With our knowledge and vision we can collaborate with you and come to the right solution for implementing collection systems in your locality.

System specifications infra:

  • The concrete pit carries a Komo product hallmark
  • The concrete pit meets the requirements of the ground quality   legislation
  • The concrete pit meets the requirements of the highest environmental standards
  • The concrete pit can be fitted with lifting clamps
  • The concrete pit is non-porous with smooth surfaces
  • The base of the pit is lowered for pumping out liquids
  • MORE! B.V. is VCA** certified
  • Insight and knowledge of infrastructure workings
  • Years of experience when it comes to street paving (we collaborate with you)

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