Moreco, Liftsysteem

Below ground lift system

Container lift for underground storage of roll containers with a capacity of 240 - 360 (2 units), 660, 770 or even 1100 litres. More! is specialised in designing and manufacturing new collection concepts/systems.

It is also possible to combine several collection operations simultaneously with the container lift. To achieve this, two roll containers are used with a capacity, for example, of 240 to 360 litres.

Can be installed in existing concrete pits.
The lift system can be installed in a watertight concrete pit. An advantage of this lift system is that it can be installed in any existing concrete pit!

Inner city and commercial use
The Fericon can also be implemented as underground storage space for empty and/or full packaging in inner city areas.

System specifications of the underground lift system.

  • Installation in (existing) watertight concrete pits
  • Available with various types of throw-in units
  • Available with various openings (flap/drum/channel)
  • Anti-slip standing platform
  • Reliable lift system with a maximum load in excess of 1000   kg.
  • No power supply required
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Can be supplemented with a system for access control.
  • Flexibility provided by the large variety of roll containers that can be used.
Moreco, Liftsysteem
Moreco, Liftsysteem
Moreco, Liftsysteem

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